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Aluminum casting plant


The aluminum casting plant was constructed in 2009 primarily for development prototyping of automobile components and for possible future mass production.

We are working to develop new high-reliability technologies in order to correctly address user needs.
We decide the optimal casting method in consideration of the customer's requirements for dimensional accuracy, quantity, and quality level, as well as cost.

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  Flow of aluminum casting from order to delivery  

  Aluminum manufacturing process  

  Aluminum casting process  

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Shinkoh Kinzoku aluminum casting is high-quality precision casting achieved by sand casting, and is known for the advanced technologies that produce a cast surface and dimensional accuracy which are on the same level as die casting. Areas of particular expertise include production of development stage prototypes, where manufacturers require both speed and quality, and production of small-lot, large-variety products.

  Low pressure sand casting

Low pressure sand casting is able to achieve flawless casts with higher packing density than gravity casting. As a result, it is highly suited for precision products, vacuum products, and pressure-resistant products, and is ideal for products such as cylinder heads and blocks.
Sand molds also involve lower initial costs than metal molds, and can be used for small-lot production.

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Gravity casting involves lower mold costs than with die casting, and better productivity than ordinary sand casting methods, with a constant external shape. This makes possible relatively low-cost manufacturing, and can be used to produce complex shapes with the use of cores.
In particular in terms of delivery time, gravity casting can yield productivity up to 10 times greater than aluminum sand molds, which must each be filled with sand.