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Manufacturing-Providing expertise in areas ranging from metals of all kinds to plastics

The Shinkoh Kinzoku Commercial Division has created a system that allows us to work with approximately 100 cooperating companies in order to meet all kinds of customer needs.
In this way, our company has amassed extensive expertise related not only to cast iron, but also to casting, coating, machining, assembly, and mold manufacture for general cast products (FC, FCD, AC, ADC, ZDC, BC, plastics, and others), and we have based our business activities on the position of being a good manufacturing advisor.

Providing quality, cost, and delivery dates to match customer needs

Our Commercial Division works with a large number of cooperating companies works to meet the demands of our customers and to consistently achieve short delivery periods, high quality, and low cost.
We can perform management of quality, cost, and delivery - management that requires time, effort, and labor - on behalf of the customers.

· We work with such an unique company.
Saito Micro Co., Ltd.
Open and close doors easily even when both of your hands are full! The "Door Raku" lets you opens doors without turning the handle (utility model registered).
As shown in the photos at left, once "Door Raku" is installed it is not necessary to turn the handle every time you open and close the door. Gently push or pull the door to open and close it. Very convenient!
(Made of high-grade stainless steel. For use on doors with door closers installed.)

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Manufacturer: Saito Micro Co., Ltd.