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What's a cast iron fish reef?
A fish reef is a rocky underwater location where fish, seaweed, and other living things in the sea thrive. Artificial fish reefs are often made from materials such as concrete blocks, old tires, and derelict boats. However with the growing focus on environmental issues in recent years, the use of fish reefs made of old tires and plastic have been called into question because of the difficulties in recycling.
This led to a focus on iron, the components of which are found in the natural world.
Shinkoh Kinzoku asked itself whether the benefits of iron could not be used undersea as well …
Sinking a cast iron fish reef to the sea floor causes the cast iron to produce iron ions, which function to remove contamination from the seawater and help balance the ecosystem. Because the constituent elements of the cast iron that is the main material of these reefs are all found in seawater, eventually they will all dissolve and over the long term return to the natural world.
These are revolutionary fish reefs that are truly recyclable.
Combining the cast iron with zeolite (a natural mineral) supplies minerals to the seawater and creates a good environment for marine creatures. Iron is familiar to everyone for its use in tea pots and iron pots, and is recognized as beneficial to health.

On the ground to in the sea
We are expanding the possibilities of cast iron into new fields.
Shinkoh Kinzoku belongs to the Chugoku-Shikoku block of the Japan Cast Iron Fish Reef Association, and this association has been conducting continual investigations over the past several years.
At present, the seaweed beds made of cast iron fish reefs are covered with large amounts of seaweed (kabanori, kurome, wakame, obatsunomata, and others), and approximately 100 black rockfish and 20 sea cucumbers have been seen on them. This shows how many marine organisms can thrive in seaweed beds growing on cast iron fish reefs.
While being thankful that the cast iron fish reefs are accepted by the sea and the creatures living in it, it is our strong wish that cast iron fish reefs can be put to even more effective use to put a stop to the marine pollution that humans have caused and bring back the blue, bountiful sea.

Cast iron reef

Concrete reef
Compared to the concrete reef, the cast iron fish reef is covered with more large-size varieties of seaweed, showing the ability of cast iron fish reefs to rebuild fish breeding grounds.

We'll expand our field into environmental.
We will continue to develop technologies from a global perspective using unconventional ideas.