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Hirao Plant


Hirao PlantThe Shinkoh Kinzoku Hirao Plant was created in 1991 as a casting plant focused primarily on small-lot, large-variety production of small cast products (FC, FCD).
* The best way to understand the detailed work processes at the plant is to see them for yourself. Requests for tours can be accepted anytime. If you would like a tour, please contact the plant tour office.

[Measures for small-lot, large-variety production]

On average, setup (pattern change) takes place 60 - 80 times on a single modeling line during production each day (15 hrs operation).
We work daily to fulfill the 85% of our orders that are for small-lot, large-variety production in quantities of 1 - 30 products.
At present, the primary products are iron manhole covers for water and sewerage, automobile components, and other mechanical components, and the plant produces 250 tons/month of materials and finished products.
[Measures for ensuring high quality]

Many of the products produced by the plant are used for public purposes, and particular attention is given to quality for product safety.
An inspection system covering material management and all processes has been established for complete quality assurance.

[Hirao Museum]
The Hirao Museum exhibits some of the many works of art (?) that are produced by chance at the Hirao Plant. Exhibits are shown in an art museum style and are shown irregularly.
This is the celebrated first exhibit.
Work No. 01: Pig on Snout
Look very carefully. Can't you see the pig trying hard to balance on his snout?!
Pig on Snout
· Works which are not exhibited in the museum are on permanent display in the Hirao Plant lobby. Please come to see them.