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Powerful Chef

Powerful Chef
[Utility model No. 3056114]
Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts such as yourself.
Have a Powerful Chef party with your friends and family on your next holiday. A delicious meal always tastes better when enjoyed with friends and family. This grill is not only perfect for mutton barbeque, but also is ideal for general barbeque and grilled meat as well! A revolutionary grill made possible by new casting technologies!
Mutton barbeque grill
Material: Cast iron (FCD450) Weight: 4.2kg
Size: 40cm×10cm×0.35cm
Price: 6,800yen (Not tax included)
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An advanced structure sets this product apart from all other mutton barbeque grills.
Mutton barbeque grill
We have achieved a revolutionary cast iron thickness of just 3 mm. This provides a great improvement in heat conduction over previous products, helping to bring out the best flavors of meat, vegetables, and other ingredients.
The slits are located at the top, and excess oil is collected quickly by the grooves and stored in the bottom of the pan, ensuring that the oil does not fall onto the burner.
Slits located at the top ensure that heat is transmitted quickly.

<Convenient special handle>
Versatile - Can be used with both gas cooking stoves and charcoal fires.
· This product is extremely convenient and simple,
  and can be used for outdoor parties with a portable gas cooker.
· It can also be used for charcoal barbeques.
Special convenient handle can be easily removed!
· Includes a special removable handle which can be used to
  easily carry the grille by simply fitting the handle into the grooves.
Cleaning is also a breeze!
To clean, simply wash well with detergent and scrub with steel wool. Adhering materials fall right off. Wipe with a dry cloth to remove all moisture, then apply a thin coat of cooking oil and store in a dry location.

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Frying pan
Frying pan
Material: Cast iron (FCD450) Weight: 700g
Size: 18cm×5cm (length of handle: 14cm)
Price: 3,000yen (Not tax included)

At 700 g, this frying pan is lightweight for a cast iron product, and is the perfect fit for any size hand!
Easily prepare the iron-rich dishes that are now so popular.

* Because all products are made to order, some time will be required from order to delivery.
A healthy coating made from tea component
· Surface is treated with a tannin iron coating.
· Tannic acid reacts chemically with iron, producing a frying pan that resists corrosion and is gentle to the body.
Elution of iron from the pan adds to nutritional iron intake.
· Minute amounts of iron are released by the pan during cooking - perfect for women who are iron-deficient.
One-piece casting with handle makes for easy cleaning.
· Because the handle and pan are cast as a single piece, grease does not accumulate at the joints like
  with conventional frying pans, making these pans easy to clean.